Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Third time's a charm

Sometimes the weather just doesn't cooperate.  The first session was postponed because of the cold temperatures and high winds.  The second session was interrupted after ten minutes of shooting by a sudden unforecasted rain storm.  The third session...perfect. :)  Third time really is the charm.  I think our persistence paid off! Despite the weather challenges, this sweet family was so much fun.  Good luck with your big move and the new adventures that come with the sacrifice of being a military family.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Spring Wedding

Congrats to the new Mr and Mrs Huffman!  It was a beautifully relaxed, intimate wedding on the lawn of their new home.  They told me to keep everything very simple which means that I got to creep around quiet as a mouse (which is my speciality), photographing whatever I chose.  I think it was the least stressful event I have ever worked! :)  May the two of you have many, many years of happiness...