Saturday, January 29, 2011


The beginning of the year is typically the slow time of year for me. So, I welcome various vendors to send me things for my children to model. This year, I received two pairs of shoopers from Mom's Blankies. Shoopers are adorable little slipper shoes, hand-made from the cutest cotton print fabric, lined with really soft fabric on the inside and finished with a faux leather sole. Even though the slippers were a little big, they still fit great and stay on their feet. They look so comfy that I am tempted to ask her to make a pair in my size. :)

If you are looking for adorable slippers for your little one, these little shoopers are perfect. Check her out on facebook or etsy. I was looking over her facebook page the other day and she had written a post saying that she was donating 40 pairs of shoopers to a local children's hospital using proceeds from her etsy store. I am hoping that my photos will help bring more traffic to her site so that she can keep donating. So please take a moment to visit her and consider buying a pair of shoopers! :)

(Aria's outfit was made by bellaandgracies and will be featured in an upcoming blog.)

Monday, January 24, 2011

My Favorites from 2010

January is almost over and for most business owners, it means tax time...the ever fun time where you get to pay the sales tax on everything you sold in the previous year. I will admit that paying the sales tax this year was quite a bit more painful than previous years but it also means that 2010 was a fabulous photography year for me! I was looking through the list of sessions that I had and decided to reminisce a little. I have chosen my favorite 15 images from 2010. It was very hard to narrow them down. (If I did not choose an image from your session, it does not mean that I do not like you... ;)

After looking through these sessions, I realized that all of them have something in common. The images are telling a story and the people in them are being themselves. If you are having a photo session with me or with someone else, how do you get great images? Be confident, be comfortable and be yourself! Your child is acting crazy during photos and it is stressing you out? Relax and let me work my magic. You are worried that you don't know how to pose yourself? That's my job...if I don't ask you to move, it's because you look fantastic. Is there something about your appearance that you worry about? Tell me and I will probably be able to make it disappear. ;)

Thank you to all my clients from 2010. I enjoyed meeting you and hope to see you again and again! Here are some of my favorite images. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do. ;)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Congrats Rick and Katie!

After taking some time off to celebrate the holidays, I have finally finished processing the last wedding of 2010. This was another family wedding so with it came dual roles. My son was the ring bearer; my nephew was the groom. For a cold, snowy, December day, there was a really good turnout and the day went pretty smoothly. Those in attendance can tell you how beautiful the wedding was and how happy the bride and groom were. For those not in attendance, I have put together some of the high-lights from the day. Rick and Katie, congratulations and I wish you the best as you start your new life together.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

First Newborn of the Year

The first session of the year (a maternity session) quickly turned into the second session of the year when this little bundle of joy decided to arrive a couple of weeks early. Crystal and Neil, thank you for letting me play with your little girl. She is a perfect angel, even if she did poop all over the floor. ;)

I've decided that I would love to see a lot of newborns this year. They take some time and some patience to photograph but can be a lot of fun. If you are pregnant or know someone who is expecting, let them know that for 2011, if you have a maternity session with me, then your newborn sitting fee is FREE! Your newborn session will need to take place within 7-10 days of the babies birth since little bitty babies change so quickly. The older your baby gets, the more difficult it is to get those precious sleepy portraits.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1st session of the Year

It is January and the fun for 2011 has officially begun. I had the pleasure of photographing an in-home maternity session over the weekend. Apparently, the photos were taken just in time since the baby decided to make an early appearance. Congrats Crystal and Neil! I can't wait to meet the new addition to your family!