Thursday, June 10, 2010

4th of July Tutu

Am I tutu crazy? Yes, perhaps I am but when you have a little girl, dressing them in cute girly stuff is just fun! So, when Jill from Tutu twirls asked me if I would photograph my daughter in one of her 4th of July tutus, the obvious answer was "Yes!" The timing was perfect, just before Memorial Day, so I knew what location I wanted to use. I never did get the portrait that I was envisioning because my daughter had a completely different vision of how the photo shoot should go...and it required a lot of running... ;)

If you are looking for your own patriotic tutu or any tutu really, then check out her etsy shop or click the like button on her facebook fan page. I have several tutus from Tutu Twirls and I love them. They are very well crafted with wide ribbon waist bands and extra ribbon detailing. There is no skimping on the tulle and they come in a variety of sizes. I think my little girl will be wearing this tutu for our 4th of July celebration...hopefully she won't mind... ;)


  1. SO cute! hmmmm......maybe I (and a couple of my kids) should have tagged along that day??? :)

  2. These are so cute! I can't believe how big your baby has gotten! -TW