Thursday, February 3, 2011

My second hand-painted backdrop

If you read back through my blog, you'll notice that I have a tendency to get a bee in my bonnet and I am not happy until I complete whatever idea is pestering me. I bought a whole roll of canvas intent on saving some money and also creating some unique backdrops. First, I painted the red barn door for Christmas photos and hopefully some little boy clients down the road. For the other backdrop, I wanted something very girly for my daughter's 2-year portraits. I imagined something pink with flowers. I didn't really know for sure what it would look like when I started and I am not completely sure it is exactly what I was wanting. But, it worked for the photos and I think I am fairly happy with it. I have more ideas for things that I want to paint but I think they will have to wait. My family has been patient as I've taken over the dining room with my projects but I think we all need a little break from the mess. :)

As with the last backdrop, I photographed my journey so that I could share the process. Ignore the poor quality images because it was just easier to grab the horrible little point and shoot camera... ;-)

I started out with a base coat from an old can of paint that I found in the basement. Canvas is pretty absorbent and I didn't want it soaking up all of the good paints.

Then, I began painting the background...lots of pink swirls.

Then, I added some brighter pinks and browns.

Then, it was time to decide where I wanted the flowers and I decided to just make an oval pattern in the center.

Then, I added in some darker pink washes to get away from the browns a little and I was also wanted the edges darker than the center.

The next step was adding more detail to the flowers and adding in some green.

Here is a close-up of the flowers.

For the final step, I added a light brown wash over everything to tone down the bright pink and to help the flowers blend a little more.

And the finished product with my daughter...more of her photos can be seen in the previous post.

And, since I NEVER take photos of myself, I posed in front of my new backdrop and took a photo. So, this is me...and my new backdrop. :)


  1. Darla - That is wonderful! I saw the picture of your daughter earlier but I had no idea you had done the background yourself. Great job!!!

  2. Knowing the process makes that gorgeous photo of your little one even more beautiful!

  3. Your backdrops are gorgeous i love this one..