Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trenton, Senior 2013

I love variety and I love photographing high school seniors.  Each session is unique and focuses on personality, hobbies and individual characteristics.  These could be the last photos that are professionally taken until they decide to get married.  *sigh*  Maybe that is the real reason why I enjoy these sessions.  They make me feel important.  I get to create a permanent portrait, one that will likely hang in the parents' home for a very long time.  And what an exciting time...leaving the nest...striking out on your own...slowing changing from a teen to an adult...  Yes, I suppose I am a little sappy.  But, this session is yet another nephew that will be graduating high school.  Even though my children are still young, I am reminded that they too will be graduating and moving on way too soon...

Congratulations, Trenton on the impending graduation and good luck with everything you do.

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