Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Surprise Vow Renewal

Guys, you may not want to let the ladies read this post.  The bar has been raised and expectations will be high....

Eric and Natalie have been married for ten years.  They had planned to get married in the rose garden at Loose Park but for many reasons decided to go to the courthouse instead.  For their anniversary, Eric spent a year creating the ultimate surprise.  He hired the musicians, the photographer, the officiant, reserved the rose garden and the restaurant.  There was a flower girl, decorative head piece and a bouquet of flowers.  The limo picked Natalie up and she was told that she would be dropped off at an unknown location where Eric would meet her.  When she arrived at Loose Park, she was greeted by her parents and sister, who placed the head piece on her head and walked her to the fountain, where her husband waited to walk her down the aisle.  The ceremony was intimate and sweet.   Eric wrote his own vows and gave her an anniversary ring.  The ceremony was followed by a portrait session and a limo ride to the restaurant.

Congrats Eric and Natalie!  I enjoyed meeting you guys a couple of years ago when we did our first photo session together.  And like I told you at the vow renewal, you really are one of the cutest couples I have ever met.  I look forward to seeing how you guys celebrate 25 years! ;)  And to my husband, if you are reading this, our 10 year anniversary is next year....

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