Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Two Seniors

The longer that I do photography and the more time that I spend finding my style, the more I realize that I love shooting posed portraits.  I enjoy the control of setting up a light, placing my subject and creating portraiture.  Life-style sessions have become very popular in the last several years.  They are fun and whimsical, freezing life and capturing those fleeting moments.  Although I appreciate these images and also take them from time to time myself, especially of my own family, I almost always look at them and think that just about anybody could pick up a camera and do that.  Finding a suitable background, posing people, setting up the ideal lighting even in the most non-ideal situation is a challenge that not everyone can do.  These images don't happen on accident.  They are planned, thought out and can be both challenging and rewarding.  Every year, I wonder if I want to sacrifice time with my family to keep my business going and every year, I fail to walk away because I want to do something better than I did the year before.  The following images are two seniors, more family who are getting ready to graduate and move on with their lives.  I hauled around lights and reflectors (with some help) in the mid-day sun, posing, re-posing and then posing them some more.  Why?  Because I can...and I enjoy it... ;)

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