Saturday, January 29, 2011


The beginning of the year is typically the slow time of year for me. So, I welcome various vendors to send me things for my children to model. This year, I received two pairs of shoopers from Mom's Blankies. Shoopers are adorable little slipper shoes, hand-made from the cutest cotton print fabric, lined with really soft fabric on the inside and finished with a faux leather sole. Even though the slippers were a little big, they still fit great and stay on their feet. They look so comfy that I am tempted to ask her to make a pair in my size. :)

If you are looking for adorable slippers for your little one, these little shoopers are perfect. Check her out on facebook or etsy. I was looking over her facebook page the other day and she had written a post saying that she was donating 40 pairs of shoopers to a local children's hospital using proceeds from her etsy store. I am hoping that my photos will help bring more traffic to her site so that she can keep donating. So please take a moment to visit her and consider buying a pair of shoopers! :)

(Aria's outfit was made by bellaandgracies and will be featured in an upcoming blog.)

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