Monday, January 24, 2011

My Favorites from 2010

January is almost over and for most business owners, it means tax time...the ever fun time where you get to pay the sales tax on everything you sold in the previous year. I will admit that paying the sales tax this year was quite a bit more painful than previous years but it also means that 2010 was a fabulous photography year for me! I was looking through the list of sessions that I had and decided to reminisce a little. I have chosen my favorite 15 images from 2010. It was very hard to narrow them down. (If I did not choose an image from your session, it does not mean that I do not like you... ;)

After looking through these sessions, I realized that all of them have something in common. The images are telling a story and the people in them are being themselves. If you are having a photo session with me or with someone else, how do you get great images? Be confident, be comfortable and be yourself! Your child is acting crazy during photos and it is stressing you out? Relax and let me work my magic. You are worried that you don't know how to pose yourself? That's my job...if I don't ask you to move, it's because you look fantastic. Is there something about your appearance that you worry about? Tell me and I will probably be able to make it disappear. ;)

Thank you to all my clients from 2010. I enjoyed meeting you and hope to see you again and again! Here are some of my favorite images. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do. ;)


  1. Incredible images! Certain to be treasured for generations!

  2. Darla, these all are fantastic but that first one...of the breath-takingly gorgeous! <3