Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tutu Twirls

One of my favorite vendors, Tutu Twirls, sent me some more goodies the other day. She makes the best quality tutus I have ever seen with silky ribbon around each waistband and lots of extra details. Now her shop will also be featuring gorgeous headbands. I have gotten a lot of headbands from a lot of different vendors. Some of them are well constructed and some are falling apart when I open the box. :-/ All of the headbands from Tutu Twirls were so well constructed that I gave them a few extra tugs to see if I could pull them apart. They stayed put and look adorable on all of my models. The items you see below, minus the pettiskirt from another vendor, should be listed for sale soon! Check out Tutu Twirls on Etsy and Facebook.

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